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true. >> cris: that punt formation to the right. >> al: on the outside. oh, baby. just does get out of bounds. that was the key there with allen on the play. now you have 13 seconds. >> cris: play of the game so far. because i don't think there's any way in the world they're getting lined up and spiking that football with 13 seconds. there was a tremendous block in the backfield. didn't see who the back was. bennett at the tail end of this thing. if he doesn't get out of bounds, they may end with a goose egg at half time. >> al: they tont have a time-out. you don't want this play to end because they can't spike it without getting into the end zone. it lot be fourth down. manning is throwing for the end zone.
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almost intercepted. hixon was there to make sure that brandon hughes didn't get the pick and the giants will have to settle for a field goal attempt. >> cris: i tell you what, i gave domenik hixon a lot of credit for this play. this one looks like hughes is going to make the play. and there was no question a little interference on the part of domenik hixon. and it was a good time for interference. >> al: hixon playing offense and defense on this drive. it started all the way back at the 13 and will end with 25-year-old field goal attempt. and tynes' kick is good. lawrence tynes banging it through giving the giants their first point of the night to make the score 7-3. >> cris: we kind of go from no action to a lot of action out there. >> al: we start the game by talking about there's been a lot of shoot-outs in this series, especially of late.
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who knows what the second half will bring? but who would have figured no scoring for first 28 minutes tonight, but that's what we got. >> cris: interesting that it's been a relatively conservative game so far. they're not taking huge chances. no one has turned the football over yet. by doing that, they're both still in the game going back and forth. i got to think especially after the eagles came up with the touchdown, getting anything on the board was huge for the new york giants on that drive. >> al: no question. quarterback comparison tonight, no sacks in the game. which is very surprising with these two questions. >> cris: but you would have to say that the pressure has been a huge factor in the game. >> al: no doubt. >> cris: the running game almost nonexistent at this point. >> al: tom coughlin, a man on the hoot seat so many times. how many guys go from the hot seat to the hall of fame where
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he'll probably end up. two super bowl championships. did a spectacular job with an embryonic franchise in jacksonville when he took over when the jaguars were born in '95, took that team to the afc championship in only his second year. now in his ninth season. did a great show on him "the football life" which was on nfl films showing another side of tom coughlin. boykin will run it back, and will take it to the 23 yard line. that will take us to the toyota half time show. 7-3. philly on top at the half.
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welcome to the toyota ha halftime show. brought to you by toyota. >> after 28 scoreless minutes t eagles with a touchdown, the giants with a field goal. so it's 7-3 philadelphia. in a moment hines ward will join us to talk about this first half, but first to new york to check on what else happened
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around the national football league today with dan patrick. >> all right, bob, thank you. is it time for the jets to make a change at quarterback? tony dungy, rodney harrison will discuss/debate coming up. but first t high , the highligh week four. the winless saints at green bay. drew brees touched johnny unitas. he had three on the day including this one to josh morgan. brees through for 446 but rodgers finds nelson. chargers rolled over the chiefs today. rivers two touchdown passes including that one to eddie royal. saints/chargers next sunday night here on nbc. carolina in atlanta. falcons beat the chargers. a minute to go. matt bryant and the falcons stay undefeated.
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miami in arizona. arizona also staying unbeaten. fourth and ten. kevin kolb, to tie the game. the cardinals win it in overtime. washington in tampa. redskins led most of the game, then trailed late. rg3 trying to get billy cundiff in field goal range. 0 for 3 on the day but oh so good on this one. redskins win it. they improve to 2-2. fourth quarter tom brady, rob gronkowski gave the patriots the lead. oakland at denver. huge day for peyton manning. threw for 338, three scores including this one to eric decker. tennessee and houston. houston stays undefeated.
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daniel m-- danieal manning, houstons roll. from the other end of the rainbow we find the jets. another poor performance by mark sanch sanchez, picked off by willis. >> i apologize for my language because i was going to stay we got our butt kicked, but really we got our [ bleep ] kicked. >> all your sports news and highlights every morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. eastern. it's called "the lights." time to make a quarterbacking change with the giants? >> last week the jets offense struggled against the dolphins. they didn't score a point today. the morale of the team is low. holmes is out, revis is out. they need a spark. tim tebow will give them that spark. >> i don't think it's time. you're 2-2. >> you going to go up to 4-12. >> don't panic.
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>> why did you bring tim tebow in, as an ornament? >> a blocker. he did a great job. >> but they got the texans coming to town. >> peyton manning, that's why -- >> considering what happened monday night in seattle, to go back and facing a desperate saints team, what surprised you about that game? >> i was really proud of them today. they bounced back from not only that devastating los they should have had the ball on a fumble today and it didn't go their way. but instead of crying about it, go out there, take over, win the game in spite of the referees' calls. they needed this one. >> they allow drew brees some big numbers. do you think they're back, though? >> today they're back. >> bob costas and hines ward after this.
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back now in philadelphia. and joined by hines ward. we can only hope that you can hear us because in the background the most exuberant uniform retirement ceremony we have ever witnessed is going on for brian dawkins. in the meantime, although the eagles lead 7-3, hines, it bodes well for the giants that their defensive line goes against what at the moment is an eagle weakness, their offensive line.
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>> no question about it. giving vick enough time to find his skilled receivers down the field to an already decimated new york giants secondary. giving him time to find these guys down the field. guess what? he sat in the pocket to find the back of the end zone. that's something we talked about earlier in the show. >> the eagles have tremendous skill players, some of the best in the league. if vick is given time, they can do something. >> there's no question. offensive linemen buy vick an extra three or four seconds to find these receivers down the field. so far he's done that. >> looking forward to the second half. a reminder before we step aside. this week on "today" facebook's mark zuckerberg talks to matt lauer about trying to show the world that he can cut it as a ceo and life as a newlywed billionaire. we all pray that somehow it can muddle through. [ male announcer ] this telecast is copyrighted
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by the nfl for the private use of our audience. any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the nfl's consent is prohibited.
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♪ waiting all day for sunday night ♪ >> we're in philadelphia. the next chapter in a great rivalry as the new york giants meet the eagles on sunday night football. vick, as he throws, gets it away. down goes vick again. >> bradshaw gets taken down. cullen jenkins. >> to the end zone. a man open. it's jackson. touchdown. ♪ the nfl rocks on nbc >> and the second half ready to begin in philly. 7-3. eagles on top. u can follow your favorite team all season long.
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just go to al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our gang. sunday nht football week four. great rivalry which began back in 1933. and manning will have to wait his chance here because eagles get the ball. a kickoff. on a 60-degree night. that's the temperature right there. had a little bit of light rain early on. clear skies now. as boykin takes it from 1 yard deep and brings it back to the 20 yard line. >> cris: the eagles finally put a touchdown on the board. they did it with a little west coast offense. quicker throws, shorter throws underneath, don't allow the pressure to get there. eventually as the defense starts to come forward, you take your shot down the field. great protection on this one.
10:18 pm
just absolute perfection on the protection. turns around corey webster, desean jackson for the touchdown. >> al: first and ten. they're getting the fullbacks in the game. they give it to mccoy behind him. just nothing happening on the ground here for philly tonight, as we go to michele. >> michele: michael vick took some hits in the first half. andy reid told me at half time that the protection they were able tgive him on the scoring drive was key on that drive. you can expect to see more passing in the second half. nnamdi asomugha poked in the eye. he's been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. >> al: that's big news. hughes will have to take his spot for the rest of the night. the ball is at the 20 yard line. vick will throw. the first down as the catch is make by williams. >> cris: a nice job there understanding with that motion
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that it was going to be a zone coverage. when clay harbor went in motion and none of the linebackers moved, they understood there was going to be a gaping hole inside if he didn't quick throw. >> al: bryce brown is the running back here. that action up front. pierre-paul and demetress bell. pierre-paul who's going to cost them five yards. >> referee: defense number 90. five yard penalty. remains first down. >> al: jason pierre-paul, a guy who was picked number one. jerry reese has done a pretty masterful job as the general manager. picked first in the 2010 draft out of south florida. right now if there's a better defensive lineman in the league, call us collect. first and five. mccoy setting up a second down.
10:20 pm
and look, there are a lot of great defensive linemen in the league. if you had a choice right now who to pick and again age would be a consideration. >> cris: sure. >> al: name somebody else. >> cris: he is the best right now. demarcus ware maybe down there with the cowboys. there's some other ones. he's got a little blood coming out of that mouth, too. the philadelphia eagles with chips and slams and bangs and all the attention they're paying to him, he's got a little blood drawn. >> al: second and one. and finally springs one. stays inbound. all the way down to the 23 yard line. a fullback helping to pave the way. 34 yards. >> cris: stanley havili, the key block on this one. is going to get the kick out here. block down when everybody else gets up on the linebacker. there's the alley that everybody
10:21 pm
has been waiting to see. once again, you see it a thousand times over. running games do nothing in the first half, the more the defense wears down, the more effective it is. >> al: gains of six net yards until that 34 yard run. he'll do it again. inside. to the 1. tackled by kiwanuka. again havili. like they run the same play with almost the same result. 22 yards. >> cris: but the one thing they've been able to do is get outside the defensive end. justin tuck here on the edge. the fullback havili doesn't even bother with him. going down the field. they're getting now that inside/outside on the edge of the giants defense. and it has been really effective. >> al: looks on as the eagles on the opening drive of the second
10:22 pm
half of the first and goal. this time he gets about half the distance does mccoy. second down and goal. >> cris: probably would have had that one, too, but rocky bernard ran that down from behind. >> al: howard mudd, you call central casting and say send me an offensive line coach, there's your star right there. that is an offensive line coach. >> cris: pretty good player in his day, too. >> al: oh, yeah. 49ers. long time indianapolis assistant to tony dungy. the giants are stuck in there. they try mccoy again. working that right side. that will set up a third down and goal. blackburn and bernard deny him. >> cris: good job on the outside setting the edge and forcing it back in to justin tuck. they've run the same play now
10:23 pm
four straight times. be interesting to see if they test that water again. they thought they found something, two big runs in a row. but the giants have adjusted. might be time for a bootleg from vick. >> al: on third and goal. instead you got the play going the left side this time. he cannot. and the giants with michael boley following him step for step to the outside to make sure he doesn't get in. eagles send in the group. >> cris: he strings it out long enough for antrel rolle to get there and knock mccoy out of bound. what a turnaround that was after bang, bang, a couple of huge runs puts it on the 1. for the giants to hold, that could be a momentum shifter. >> al: speak of hold, here is your new holder, mcbriar now. his first game with the eagles.
10:24 pm
a hold for alex henery. jon dorenbos in the game. was listed on the injury list this week but he's able to snap it. this is a 20-yard field goal attempt. inside the left upright is good. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] bud light. for the fans who do whatever it takes. here we go.
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>> al: at halftime up with of the most popular eagles ever had his number retired. brian dawkins. >> i'd like to thank all of you for allowing me to be me, to act a fool when i wanted to, to lose my mind when i wanted to. >> al: well, he goes into the eagle hall of fame. and it might not be the last hall of fame. >> cris: i agree with you. 37 interceptions, 26 sacks. >> al: afthe'll be making that speech in canton in four years. wilson this time with no flags down. had an earlier runback negated.
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nnamdi asomugha. it was asomugha that got poked in the eye by ramses barden. doesn't look like much, but you can see the reaction by nnamdi. and he is off to the hospital now. >> cris: each team minus a big guy in the secondary. asomugha for philadelphia. ken phillips, the giants strong safety, got hurt in the first
10:29 pm
quarter. so he's out. now the giants have the ball for the first time at the 23 yard line. caught by ramses barden with a big night in carolina ten days ago. there's asomugha back on the sideline. >> cris: good. that's great. boy, have they been aggressive. i can't remember them playing like this. asante samuel was here last year. he didn't want to play bump and run. so they couldn't get the kind of pressure on the wideouts to play the kind of pass rush that they wanted to play. >> al: bradshaw takes the toss. crosses the 50. very close to a first down for ahmad bradshaw. >> cris: you've seen this wide nine before, but trent cole down that sort of samurai stance coming after anything that looks like a quarterback in the backfield, but if you can get him flying inside and get
10:30 pm
outside him, then it works. they have a saying around here, rush, crush and close is what these two outside guys are supposed to do. and they are coming every play. >> al: big hole through the middle. bradshaw gets through it, wide nine. to simplify it, the two ends play very far outside. >> cris: that's right, al. the safety has to be able to fill that hole. if he goes to the wrong side, you end up with a big run. that time coleman simply couldn't get there. now that they get the running game going, now you have the possibility of some play action. coleman is a little snippy. he'll get around that line of scrimmage and try to make some plays. >> al: second and one. bradshaw goes before he's tackled at the 35 yard line. first down. >> cris: that's what happened last week. larry fitzgerald, a little play
10:31 pm
fake up the middle, coleman hesitated, came up the step to go play the run. they hit a long one for a touchdown over the top. in order to get those kind of plays for this eagles defense, you have to establish running the football. >> al: 34. and that shoulder again. hixon came in to the game tonight in the two games he had played for the giants. he had four total catches. tonight he has five. >> cris: they're going to end up bringing some pressure right up the middle here. but eli got him into an audible situation. he saw the single safety in the middle of the field. knew he just had one on one on the outside. domenik hixon may have found himself a role on this football team. they were concerned about this bump and run, but he's played
10:32 pm
well. >> al: andre brown is the running back here. and to the 17. we talk about brown and all the times he's been cutting everything. he said my stuff couldn't even keep up with me. >> cris: what was it, six, seven times, something like that? >> al: eight. >> cris: he just couldn't find his stuff. he does stay on the course of the play. ahmad bradshaw, if he has a weakness, in my mind, he constantly wants to jump it out to where the play wasn't designed. one thing you saw from andre brown last week, if the coach says run it between the guard and the tackle, that's where he's going. >> al: in motion to the inside. they give the ball to brown who spins his way inside the 15 yard line. that's going to set up a third and short with six minutes to go in the quarter. >> cris: he got injured his rookie year, brown did. then all of a sudden here we go. he's going to bounce around and
10:33 pm
not get as many opportunities. and here we go again. >> al: an achilles in his rookie year with the giants. scored three from the 14 yard line. bradshaw back in. manning in the gun. >> cris: one and one. >> al: in the middle. he gets cruz. touchdown. his breakout game here last year, does his dance, and the giants are a point away from tying the game. >> cris: there we go. this is the matchup we've been watching. any time they walk that second safety down, they're going to go to victor cruz. because he knows he has a single coverage. that time they tried to run demeco ryans, the linebacker underneath him just in case there was a slant, but eli weaved it in there somehow.
10:34 pm
>> al: puts it down. wilson in good position with a run back to the 43. so they go 57 yards in eight plays. 5 1/2 left in the quarter. we're tied on sunday night football. [ male announcer ] whether it's kevin's smartphone...
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>> al: the fighting irish of notre dame are undefeated. they'll take on miami. they play that game in the big city. they go to chicago to play it, soldier field. saturday night here on nbc. on this sunday night heading to october. eli manning has the ball for first time in the half, led them down to tie the game. this is a touchback. 5:28 remaining in the third. [ thunder crashes ] just the same, i think i'd prefer san diego.
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[ whistle blows ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] bud light. for the fans who do whatever it takes. >> al: sunday night football being brought to you by fifa soccer 13. join the club. by hyundai. by s.a.p. helps companies run like never before. at&t, rethink possible. high school football here in philly.
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archbishop wood beat cardinal 48-14. the philadelphia eagles at the 20 yard line. vick buys time. look at that time for him in the pocket. then the pass intended for jackson hits michael bowl ne the back. second down. >> cris: they got lucky with that one. you can see brandon boykin jump outside, and demeco ryans running underit. they want him to throw the slant so they can pick it off. but demeco ryans doesn't get there. that's exactly what they're trying to do defensively, get eli to throw that pass so ryans will pick it off. he just wasn't picking up. >> al: over the middle. that's celek. and the tight end to the 46 yard line. he always does that emphatic first down signal.
10:40 pm
27 yard gain. >> cris: watch blackburn and boley come up here on this play. because of the run fake and the success the eagles have been having against the run, they're able to get the tight end celek in behind them. >> al: from the 47 yard line. second eagles possession of the half. now mccoy will set it back. that's a great tackle. that's jason pierre-paul on the left defensive side hanging right in there. >> cris: over here we've seen some loss contained, but jason pierre-paul, instead of chasing all the way down the line of scrimmage, sits there and waits because he knows lesean mccoy, it doesn't matter where he stops, he can end up anywhere and jpp saved that one. >> al: second and nine.
10:41 pm
big story in the game. eagle turnovers in the first three games. tonight zero. second and nine. chasing vick. vick has room. goes down about ten yards more from michael vick down the left side. >> cris: you're just baiting the hook. osi umenyiora knows if nobody's blocking him, something's up. everybody else blocks down. this is basically like an outside draw. come on, osi. we've got a tweet for you, bring it in here and then i'm gone. he's mike vick. lesean mccoy, they're fast. they'll get around him. >> al: a gain of seven yards. 34. mccoy. stevie brown.
10:42 pm
in place of the injured kenny phillips stopping him for no gain. >> cris: i like stevie brown a little bit especially playing the run. he has a tendency to not sit back on these run plays. he gets up there and fills the gap and fills it on the other side of scrimmage. >> al: the defensive coordinator who did a job last year, plenty of injuries, and this year as well, mixing and matching and pasting and gluing. and got a super bowl ring to show for it. second down and ten. and that is webster who gets to jackson at the same time the ball does. >> cris: it's so interesting for me to watch this game, desean jackson takes the slant and a shot to the back of the head and webster playing with the cast on his hand. these two teams know each other so well. if you watched the games in the past, there's an evolution to this thing. we did this the last time we played them.
10:43 pm
now we'll do this off of it. offensively and defensively. >> al: a gain of four on the last past. the ball is at the 30 yard line. and only ten guys on the field for philadelphia offensively. or b) a dazzling display of common sense. pretty sure it's the common sense thing. i've got two tickets to paradise!l set? pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo!
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>> al: tom coughlin, 17 years as a head coach. jacksonville and the giants. andy reid longest tenured in the league right here with one team. came here in '99. 14 seasons for big red. vick and pierre-paul. as cris said before, went to the line of scrimmage, i look for pierre-paul, then i look for pierre-paul. >> cris: osi umenyiora. >> al: third down and six. and comes back this way and the pass is incomplete. as amukamara got there. maclin was the intended receiver. it will be fourth down. >> cris: vick took a big shot on that one. and i'm not sure this is a first
10:46 pm
down even if he catchestakes th not sure he even got to the line. >> al: missed a game last week. first time he's been targeted. a 48-yard attempt by alex henery to try to get philadelphia the lead again. and henery's tick from a mcbriar hold. 3 f2 de las paralelas, alex anota de not an issue. it's nice when those laces are front and center when you catch it and you just get to put that thing on the ground. perfect snap there you go. what a thankless job that is. >> al: well, we can see some history. next sunday night we're going to go to new orleans.
10:47 pm
drew brees, his team may be 0-4, but he has a chance to set a record. since 1960 held by junie unitas. unitas throwing a touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games. that was a four-year carry, in those days they were playing 12 games. brees got one early today, with colston getting away with a pushoff. a losing cause. brees tries to break what we thought was an unbreakable march next sunday against the san diego chargers on "sunday night football." >> cris: chargers playing pretty well right now themselves. >> al: 3-1. went in and jumped on the kansas city chiefs today. david wilson with a couple of good runbacks. he's off to the races again.
10:48 pm
all the way to midfield. so wilson. and the crowd booing the special teams unit for allowing another long return. this one 53 yards. >> cris: every single one of these so far have been not just big returns, but gaping holes. it's like the red sea parting in there. i've never seen a kickoff return. it can only be a two-man wedge, when the wedge wipes out two of them, there's going to be a gapg hole. >> al: knocked down at the 49 yard line. manninging will go to work. out to henry hynoski taken down after a gain of two. we go to michele. >> michele: al the eagle had told us that asomugha had gone to the hospital to look at the right eye. he's now back on the field. he changed that and said he had never gone to the hospital.
10:49 pm
we reported that at halftime when we were told. >> al: i was wondering if the hospital was like section 101. >> cris: he has a shield, though. doesn't want to take another poke. >> al: second and ten here. they have a jail here, but not a hospital. that's a one-handed grab made by bradshaw who takes the ball to the 40 yard line. giant possessions tonight, got off to a slow start, of course, early on. the first five resulting in punts. then they heated it up at the end of the half with a field goal. because of wilson's runback, they only had to go 57 yards. and he set them up again in good shape on this drive. 40 seconds to the end of the third.
10:50 pm
third and one. eli is going to take a time-out with the play clock going all the way down. >> cris: both teams now have wasted a time-out here. i'll say this for kevin gilbride. i don't know what he's thinking but andre brown showed that he can get up over the top. and dive for touchdowns or first downs. kevin gilbride doesn't get a lot of credit for winning championships, but you know, as good as eli was, somebody was calling those plays as they were going up and down the field in two of the most clutch drives we've ever seen in super bowl history. gilbride is okay with play the game that tom coughlin wants to play. he's playing what tom coughlin wants. >> al: go back a way, the giants third and fourth and long rushing, you saw the numbers there.
10:51 pm
see what they do here on third and inches. bradshaw is now the running back. so brown in before the time-out. playing him is bradshaw. and ahmad will not get even though he signals he does. comes up a little bit short at the 40 yard line with cullen jenkins near the bottom of the pile. >> cris: i'll tell you, this fletcher cox is making a difference. that was chris snee. he kind of rolled back in to the backfield right there. watch this guy. they say he is the sleekest looking 300-pound guy you've ever seen. everybody i talked to in philadelphia this week said he has the makings of a star both as a pass rusher and a defender. >> al: on the other side of the 40.
10:52 pm
they'll bring the chain gang in. wind the clock after the measurement. that should be the final play of the quarter. coughlin will have all the time he needs to decide what to do next. because the fourth quarter will start with a fourth and inches. >> cris: i think we go for this one. >> al: as soon as the chain gang gets set, they're going to wind the clock. so the giants could run a play if they so desire. at least line up. try to draw the eagles off side. if nothing else, they can let the clock go all the way down to the end of the the quarter. for the moment we've got bradshaw in the backfield. there's really no down side, if he's not going to run the play. >> cris: shotgun. >> al: interesting. will they snap it?
10:53 pm
>> cris: coverage everywhere. >> al: a low snap. eli converts to cruz. inside the 20 to the 10 yard line and that will take us to the end of the third quarter. how about that? fourth and inches, coughlin goes for it. big play here. 38 yards. end of three. philadelphia's 13 and the giants 10.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> al: and tonight's aerial coverage being brought to you by geico. as we start the fourth quarter in philadelphia. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. "sunday night football." cruz and rogers-cromartie. a lot of guts shown by the giants to run that play at the end of the third setting up a first and goal. and then it is picked off in the end zone by rodgers-cromartie. and rodgers-cromartie is able to
10:56 pm
get out of the end zone to the 8 yard line. what a turn of events that was for dominique rodgers-cromartie and for the game itself, obviously. >> cris: dominique rodgers-cromartie is just sitting here. these are tight ends in here. he's just sitting back there waiting. all of a sudden eli threw it right to him. i have no explanation. maybe he thought he was coming up on victor cruz, but wow, for a guy that hasn't made a mistake tonight, eli just made a huge one. >> al: cut across the back of the end zone as he goes over that play was in. >> cris: never saw him. there was no way he saw him. >> al: eli the master of the fourth quarter comeback start the fourth with a pick. then cut it back. gets bumped out of bounds at the 15.
10:57 pm
mccoy, sometimes it takes him a while to get started. the giants know that all too well. fourth quarter in six career games against them averaging 9.4 yards per carry. 40, 50, 60 and 66 yard rinuns f him. mccoy who got it going tonight, now has 16 for 68 yards, a 34-yard scamper. and that is caught. that's jason avant over the middle. jason avant out to the 38 yard line where he's tackled by will hill. >> cris: one of the great breaks in the game so far, demetress bell is going to trip antrel rolle coming through the middle here. not intentional. but he was going to hit vick before he could throw that football, and just happened to trip ip antrel rolle. saved him.
10:58 pm
>> al: from the 38 yard line. gives the ball to havili. and takes it for a gain of seven up to the 45 yard line. >> cris: good looking play right there, terrymans pulling out and around. you think the fullback havili is over there on the flank, you're in the even remotely concerned about him getting the ball. boy, what a turnaround for cromartie. turn up the big play on fourth down and pick up the next one. >> al: now has them at the 45 yard line. second down and three. moving around to the left side of the defense. and there's mccoy. going through the middle. takes it to the giants 35 yard line. first down. >> cris: the giants were
10:59 pm
unsettled in their moving around. marvin austin right here. and the double team just took him straight back. mccoy has been gouging them on the outside, as they've lost and now they're taking it right to the giants. >> al: linebackers creeping up. and the shifting mccoy. they call him shady. to the 30 yard line. >> cris: no matter what you believe, you cannot leave the backside against this guy. jason pierre-paul is chasing him like it's me running around in the backfield. this guy does it so consistently, does it every game. you just have to assume he's coming back to you. so far tonight the giants have not been discipl

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